New Jersey Institute of Real Estate

  • Law of agency 
  • Types of ownership 
  • Fair Housing 
  • Deeds 
  • Sales contracts 
  • Listing agreements 
  • Mortgages and methods of financing 
  • Leases 
  • Real estate appraisal 
  • Legal descriptions 

Course Topics Include:

  • Real estate taxes 
  • Land use controls 
  • Real estate mathematics 
The three-year experience required to qualify for licensure as a broker must be full-time during normal business hours, meaning at least 40 hours per week between the hours of approximately 10 AM to 8 PM any five of seven days in the week. However, no more than 25 hours per week of non-real estate employment may be engaged in during this three-year period.
After completing the 90-hour Broker course, candidates must successfully complete a 30 hour pre-licensure course on brokers' ethics and agency law and relationships, and a second 30 hour pre-licensure course on office management and related topics. All three courses of instruction must be completed within a period of two years. 
The text, Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate, Eleventh Edition, is included in the course tuition. Our teaching method uses a classroom PowerPoint presentation that is not only specifically designed to be informational, but is proven to give our students have a high retention rate for only the material that is included on the state exam. We don’t present any “war stories”; that is, irrelevant material that won’t be on the state examination. Our job is to get our student to pass the state exam on the First Try; Pure and Simple.
  • New Jersey laws rules and regulations 
All of our Broker courses, and the method of instruction, is designed to help you pass the state exam on the FIRST TRY, and is recommended for prospective real estate salespersons who desire either a full-time or part-time career. It is also recommended for anyone who ever plans to buy, sell, or lease real estate.​
  • 90-hour Broker course     
  • 30-hr Broker Ethics
  • 30-hr Broker Management
Once you have been licensed as a salesperson full-time for 3 years, you are eligible to become a real estate broker.  In order to sit for the broker’s exam, you will have to take another 150 hours of additional instruction as follows:

Brokers Course